Longtime New York Rangers announcer Jack Filman was once asked the origins of the word "hockey." He replied that it was from an aboriginal word, hoghee, that meant, "it hurts!" Hockey history is full of such myths, and the purpose of this blog is to take a closer look at them and discuss the surrounding historical issues. (BTW hockey probably originates with the French word, hoquet, which referred to the hooked shape of the sticks used to play similar stick-and-ball games.)

Welcome to Hoghee!

In the course of my dissertation research on the National Hockey League, I come across a lot of information (and sometimes insights) that may not fit into any academic product, but are worth publishing to the community. This blog is dedicated to that dissemination, as well a discussion of the historical context of more recent hockey events.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Do you have any pictures of the women's Satan's Angel's jersey?


JAR said...

Nope. Never heard of them.